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A Note on One of Our Contributors and His Security Stone

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One of our long term contributors has been seeking ways to help people deal with mass gun violence. It's tricky.

Every public discussion and debate is complex. We're stuck with political and institutional gridlock, a lack of public consensus and legal and funding limitations. He's convinced that while schools and government are trying to do their parts we should each do ours. For our efforts to add up he knows we need simple, accessible ways to get people to pay attention, to be prepared and that we need conversation.

The Security Stone he's made is practical and personal. It's both a little silly and very serious. Yes, it's a stone. Because most of the time everything's fine (and will be if we simply pay attention) it's just a pocket reminder. Sometimes we need to deal with fallout from the news, the lockdowns and other local impacts so the book that comes with it helps drive conversations and thought. In the very rare case when a few of us will come face-to-face with violence, it's something to throw. Overall it calms nerves and helps people be safe and be prepared.

The Security Stone is getting out there. After giving many to friends and family he's made them available on Amazon. He's starting to collect videos and stories. He'd like to hear from you. He'd especially like one or two sentences about why you have a Security Stone one sentence video on where you keep it. The YouTube channel is here. There's a few fun videos there now. More are coming.

Visit for more background, to share your stories and for social media links.

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