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New Backbeater Sensor & Android Version Now on Kickstarter

Posted by Jarrod Whaley on

Today we are excited to announce that a new version of Backbeater is on Kickstarter! We have been bringing Backbeater to drummers for several years, and in that time we have learned a lot about what drummers need—both from our sensor hardware, and within our app. Now we have an all-new sensor design, and we're bringing support to Android phones for the first time! Our goal was to design a product that would correctly monitor tempo, display it clearly, and make it easy to use in the playing environments of modern drummers. By optimizing your mobile device’s large screen and...

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Backbeater Splash Video

Posted by James Flynn on

Many thanks to Jake Wood, Golden Fuzzbass (aka The Fuzzman aka Daniel Fulton) and Jon Brown for putting together the Backbeater Splash Video. We think you get the idea...

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Backbeater Fan Keeps His Students in Time

Posted by Chris Draper on

Part of the fun at Extrasensory Devices is hearing back from our customers. Recently, I had an exchange with Warren in the UK about his experiences with Backbeater.

Warren, who teaches drums at Rockschools in Northamptonshire and plays in the band Identity Crisis, was kind enough to write and let us know how Backbeater has helped his students. He says Backbeater is, "a great device, simple to use and it's now an integral part of my drum set up."

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