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One Millions Lights and HELIO are Providing Light in Cambodia

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We at Makers4Good love to share news of our HELIO light, out and about in the world, making life a little brighter for those in need. Today we are pleased to share this update of HELIO being distributed to others in Cambodia with a little help from our longstanding NPO partner, One Million Lights.

The Sovann Komar Orphanage in Phnom Penh was the first receive a delivery of our lights. This large orphanage houses approximately 300 children and includes dormitories, a school on campus, and opportunities for the children to participate in community service events in Phnom Penh.

The Sok Sabay Health Clinic in the Phoum Thom Village in the Leav Em district came next. This clinic was founded by Dr. Mary Anne Herron and primarily serves "mommies having babies" so they have a relatively clean place to give birth. They also see other non-life-threatening ailments. The Phoum Thom Village is very poor. The staff was very happy to receive our HELIO lights.

Finally, the Children First Orphanage in the Prek Tasar Village in the Leav Em District was given a supply of HELIO lights. This village is close to the health clinic and also very poor. The Director's Office, the Guest House, the girls' dorm and the boys' dorm were all presented with a supply of HELIO lights to brighten the way.

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