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New Nonprofit Partner: Let There Be Light International

Posted by Jarrod Whaley on

Makers4Good is excited to announce our newest non-profit partner, Let There Be Light International, advocates for solar lighting as a tool to eliminate poverty and health issues in a sustainable, replicable model.

Let There Be Light International addresses the basic lighting needs of vulnerable off-grid communities in sub-Saharan Africa. They work to set up and manage community-based solar programming with vetted local NGO Partners who are active in these areas and already have relationships with the most vulnerable households.

Together, they distribute solar lights to appropriate individuals and families, prioritizing handicapped and orphaned children, women, and the elderly. To amplify health outcomes, they also use solar energy to electrify high priority off-grid health clinics in these communities. Further, they host free educational and outreach forums about how solar lighting offsets the dangers of kerosene, seeding solar markets and supporting last-mile renewable energy programming.

We are very grateful to partner with Let There Be Light International and to help support their important and impactful work!

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