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It's Getting Hot in Here

Posted by James Flynn on

You may have noticed we jazzed up the website a little, finally. Well there's a lot more going on behind the scenes...

We're really busy with Luxi. It's amazing to think we've taken a product from invention through to manufacturing in just a few  months. In a large part we have our Kickstarter backers to thank for that. We've had numerous design iterations, a lot of back-and-forth with app developers. We've made two versions, and designed packaging to boot!

We couldn't do it without our lead Industrial Designer, Shane. He's a total legend. When he's not designing great products for ESD, he's doing mad-sciency engineering for Mythbusters, and a couple other telly shows!

Here's a picture of him with his daughter Olive... What a cutie*!


*Olive, not Shane.

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