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Backbeater Fan Keeps His Students in Time

Posted by Chris Draper on

Part of the fun at Extrasensory Devices is hearing back from our customers. Recently, I had an exchange with Warren in the UK about his experiences with Backbeater.

Warren, who teaches drums at Rockschools in Northamptonshire and plays in the band Identity Crisis, was excited to write and let us know how Backbeater has helped his students. He says Backbeater is, "a great device, simple to use and it's now an integral part of my drum set up."


Warren's mantra at Rockschools is to, "ensure that students understand what they are playing, why they are playing it, and why it works musically. I believe that continued practice results in improved performance but we must retain a sense of fun!" We couldn't agree more. 

Backbeater was designed to help anyone learn drums in a fun environment and help encourage teachers and students alike. Seeing real-time feedback about your tempo takes the monotony out of playing with a metronome and can be customized to exclude ghost notes, change the tempo average window, access your music library or score your consistency against the larger Backbeater community leaderboard. There are even three different metronome tones for those moments when you need it.

Keep on drumming in time, Warren!

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