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Rockit Lets You Connect Older, Dual-Plug Headsets To Your Devices

Posted by Daniel Fleissig on

Our splitters can do a lot of different things. Today we'd like to highlight Rockit’s ability to connect older headsets or headphones with separate plugs for microphones and headphones to smartphones, Xboxes, tablets, and other devices. This can be very useful for gamers, for example, or to anyone trying to use a current music or communication app.

Despite the fact that the majority of recent electronic devices have moved to having a single audio port that carries both mic and headphone signals, many headsets on the market still have separate leads. Dealing with these dual-connector headsets can become difficult when you want to connect to a device that has only one jack—for example, all smartphones. There is a growing need for a device that lets you still use those older headphones that have two plugs. With Rockit, you no longer need to purchase new, expensive headphones as you can plug right into whatever device you’re trying to use. Now, you can use your two-plug headset to play your favorite online Xbox game or finally make that Skype call you’ve been promising to make!

Rockit is a handy product and we’re glad that it makes it easier to utilize your smartphones, tablets, or gaming devices. If you know of another interesting use for our Rockit splitter that we haven't covered in these blog posts, feel free to reach out to us so we can share it with the public!

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