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Rockit Helps You Connect Microphones to Your Devices

Posted by Daniel Fleissig on

Like Wiretap, our Rockit splitter is an extremely adaptable product and has multiple uses in technology, music, and gaming. We’ll be publishing a few posts detailing the best and most efficient ways to utilize Rockit. Today we will focus on how Rockit allows you to connect any microphone that has a ⅛” monophonic plug to your smartphone.

A few years ago we surveyed the market, and found that there really was nothing  available that allows a user to split their smart devices’ combo jacks out into separate mic and headphone channels. We believe there will be a burgeoning need for this kind of custom signal routing in a world where small devices with few (if any!) ports are filling so many roles in various creative tasks.

With its ⅛” mono connectors, Rockit is great for recording enthusiasts. Simple to use, all you need to do is plug in any mono microphone and you can be recording in seconds! Please note that the Rockit is designed to be compatible with mono mics that have a ⅛” (3.5mm) plug, so there may or may not compatibility issues with stereo mics.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Rockit and are excited to talk about its other uses in further articles! Please let us know if you’ve found any cool and interesting uses for our Rockit as we would love to hear and share your experiences. 

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