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Luxi Update 8

Posted by James Flynn on

We shipped the machined (hand-finished) Luxis out on May 30, so the super-early adopters should have theirs now. We’re especially grateful to you guys for your investment in the Luxi project. You helped us enormously and your contribution is much appreciated.

The final production models arrived in-house today, and they look fantastic. We had a little back-and-forth about the packaging, and a small rubber grip pad that helps to secure Luxi in place. Initially the pad was grey but we decided - to look just right, it needed to be black.



Both the microfiber pouch and the lanyard are printed with the Luxi logo, and they look great too.



We have a couple of tiny details to settle with the manufacturer, then we’ll be submitting the final order numbers, and hitting the big green button.

As always you can check out our website for updates and information, to see our other products, and to say hi. We’re also on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for your support. You've been instrumental in helping us make a great product. You're are going to love Luxi - they look great, they fit snugly, and they work beautifully.

Oh, and I almost forgot the most important bit, they're awesome. I want mine on my phone all the time!


James Flynn


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