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Extrasensory Devices is now!

Posted by Jarrod Whaley on

Anyone who has visited the site lately has probably noticed that Extrasensory Devices has been increasingly connected with Those connections have reached their full fruition as of late last week, as Extrasensory Devices completed its transition toward becoming the fully-fledged for-profit wing on Makers4Good!

Our name (and some of our messaging) may have changed, but we will continue to offer all of the great products that ESD has developed over the past few years—but now, all of our operations will be in service of Makers4Good's stated mission:

[T]o harness local talent in the fields of design, engineering, and manufacturing with the aim of contributing to philanthropic projects.

We will continue to donate 100% of the profits from all of our sales to Makers4Good's nonprofit partner organizations. For more information about our giving, visit our Philanthropy page, or see the Philanthropy information on any given product's listing page(s).

We are excited to be taking the company in this new direction, and we believe it will help us bring even more great products to all of you in the future. Thanks for your support over the years. Our customers are the greatest!

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