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Luxi Slippage Fix

Posted by James Flynn on

A few Luxi users have been having a problem with Luxis slipping off their phones. The following is an explanation of the issue and a quick and easy fix.

Luxi comes packaged with a card insert, which contains the lanyard and microfiber pouch... like so:

The problem arises in a few cases where the microfiber bag was bunched up inside the card, inside Luxi. This resulted in the clasp being held open inside the package.

Plastic tends to 'creep' which means that its natural resting position will start to deflect if it is held in a particular position.

To fix this, simply insert a piece of card behind the clasp, holding it towards the diffusion dome, and leave it for a couple hours. Like so:

We tried it in the office and it works great.

Thanks for supporting Luxi!

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