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Update #10

Posted by James Flynn on

Hi Kickstarters,

The Luxi manufacturer had a couple logistical issues last week, which resulted in an interruption of the production run, but we’ve been assured the whole order will be complete by July 29.

We’ve made the executive decision to get all the Luxis sent here by air-freight as soon as they’re done, in an effort to make up for some lost time. So we’re really optimistic about getting them in the post to you starting the first week of August.

I’ve brought on a great new hire, Jarrod. He’s smart and he’s fast and he’s going to work all day and night to get your Luxi to you as soon as they drop. He’s been practicing post-office sprints and he can address an envelope in 3.2s. (Not that he needs to - they're already done...)

Just look at this eagerness:

In other news, we're drumming up some great PR for Luxi, so we’re as keen as beans to get them done, shipped, and fully-stocked.

Thanks for your support and patience!



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