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Introducing Luxi For All!

Posted by Jarrod Whaley on

Luxi For All works with Android phones, iPhones, iPods, iPads–even devices with cases!

Back Luxi For All on Kickstarter today!

We launched Luxi on Kickstarter last year with one simple goal: that of bringing professional light metering to almost anyone. Before Luxi, light metering required expensive dedicated hardware, a fact which unfortunately left a lot of amateur and newly professional photographers out in the cold. We saw that today’s smartphone hardware could be used to perform all of the difficult number-crunching–all that was needed was a small, inexpensive piece of hardware that could send the right sorts of input to a smartphone application. Thus Luxi for iPhone was born, and it was a huge success. We raised over $120,000 from over 5,000 backers on Kickstarter, and now Luxi is widely for sale both in the United States and around the world.

The first Luxi was designed to be used with iPhones (without cases on them), which was a great start. But our original goal was to make light meters affordable for everybody–not just iPhone owners. So, for the last year, we’ve been working to get a little closer to that goal. After much thought, testing, and design refinement, we’re pleased today to announce Luxi For All: a brand new re-imagining of our original idea, which works perfectly with almost any mobile device. It still works great with iPhone, but now it also works with Android phones and tablets…with iPod Touch…with all shapes and sizes of iPad…it even works with pretty much any case available today. All it needs is a device with a front-facing camera and a compatible software application[1].

Luxi For All will be sold for $29.95 in a few months, but if you Back Luxi For All on Kickstarter starting today, you’ll not only help us make our dreams a reality, but you’ll also get a really good deal on the product. Early-bird backers can reserve their Luxi For All for just $17. That amount will slowly rise over the course of the campaign, so back the campaign now and get the best price!

Finally, help us spread the word! Tell your photographer friends. Tell your Facebook and Twitter friends. Help us make light meters affordable for anybody who wants one.

Back Luxi For All on Kickstarter today!

  1. Luxi For All works with our existing Luxi app for iPhone right out of the box. Before we ship, we’ll also release an Android version, as well as a version for iPad.  ↩

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