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It's Getting Hot in Here

Posted by James Flynn on

You may have noticed we jazzed up the website a little, finally. Well there's a lot more going on behind the scenes... We're really busy with Luxi. It's amazing to think we've taken a product from invention through to manufacturing in just a few  months. In a large part we have our Kickstarter backers to thank for that. We've had numerous design iterations, a lot of back-and-forth with app developers. We've made two versions, and designed packaging to boot! We couldn't do it without our lead Industrial Designer, Shane. He's a total legend. When he's not designing great products for...

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Luxi vs. Photography Light Meter vs. Digital Lux Meter

Posted by Chris Draper on

Some Kickstarter backers asked to see Luxi in action, compared to existing devices. This week we tested Luxi with a Sekonic L-308 and a digital lux meter. We used Pocket Light Meter and Light Meter by White Goods for the lux testing.     Outside the Extrasensory Devices office on a cloudy day. We see time at 1/500, f/16 and ISO 800. Beautiful public plants in Palo Alto get the same light meter treatment: 1/500, f/11. Digital lux meter test images:   Direct sunlight: ~95,000 lux! Lux reading in our workshop. More images available here.

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