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Rockit lets you use your mic with single jack devices.

The Rockit also splits the headphone and microphone signals. It's great for Garageband or to use legacy headsets/mics with your new device.

Rockit is a Combo to (2-pin) Mic & Headphones adapter.

It works with iPhones, iPods, iPads, Android handsets, Tablets, Laptops - anything with a combo jack.

Male 4-pin TRRS 3.5mm Combo Audio Input/Output
Female 2-pin Mono 3.5mm Mono Audio Input
Female 3-pin TRS 3.5mm Stereo Audio Output

Extrasensory Devices | UPC: 610708956907

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Makers4Good believes that technology should make life better for everyone. Our Wiretap splitter makes smartphones more useful to the blind, and thus help us all get a little closer to a world where everyone can benefit from technology equally in their daily lives.

To learn about the important projects accomplished by our caring nonprofit partners, and funded through your audio splitter purchase, click HERE.