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Bring your own microphone.
Record sound on your phone with any mic you like.

Rockit gives you separate inputs for mic and headphones

Rockit is a highly durable and compact audio splitter designed to help get the most out of your phone's audio jack. It gives you two connectors in the place of one: a regular headphone jack, and a mono mic jack. Rockit gives you the freedom to attach headphones and microphones independently. You're no longer stuck with the mic in your headset. Use any mic you like.

What is Rockit?

Rockit is an audio splitter that provides solid connectivity while meeting a number of unique signal-routing needs. Rockit is great for older 2-plug headsets, or for connecting a monophonic or other two-pin microphones to a smartphone.

Why do I need it?

Rockit conveniently provides mutiple-function, high-quality signal routing for additional connections to the device you are using. With Rockit, you can connect to your smartphone with that older gaming headset that has two plugs, or record high-quality audio with any external microphone which suits your needs.

Will it work with my device?

Rockit works with standard 1/8" headphone jacks and plugsRockit works with standard 1/8" headphone jacks and plugs

Rockit is based on standard 3.5mm (that's 1/8", for our American customers) audio plugs and jacks. If you are plugging into a device that has a standard headphone jack, you're good to go. Its inputs are based on that same standard: one is designed to accept a TRS plug, and the other a TS plug.

Rockit can still be used with newer devices without headphone jacks, using a Lightning-to-audio (for Apple devices) or USB-C-to-audio (for Android devices) adapter, including those provided with devices by the manufacturers.

Which splitter is best for your use?Which splitter is best for your use?

Reviews & Press Coverage

Finally, a splitter that works!

Amazon Review

The Rockit Headphone/Microphone Splitter seemed to be just the ticket to let me connect my old headset to the new computer.

Amazon Review

This thing is built like a 1-inch tank and does everything it's supposed to do.

Amazon Review

Works great with my cell phone […] I can plug in high quality stereo headphones and a desktop microphone into the cell phone, and I can hear much better and people can hear me […] Totally pleased with this splitter.

Amazon Review


Technical Specifications

  • Female connectors:
    • 3.5mm TRS headphone jack
    • 3.5mm TS mono microphone jack
  • Male connector: 3.5mm TRRS plug
  • Weight: ~ 14 grams
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 44mm
    • Width: 28mm
    • Thickness: 11mm

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect any mono microphone to Rockit and record with it on my phone?

Yes, Rockit will allow you to connect nearly any mono microphone to your smartphone. There are a few exceptions, however. As a general rule, mics which require a bias voltage will not work with Rockit, for the simple reason that smartphones do not provide bias voltage.

To determine whether your mic is compatible with Rockit, check its user manual or technical specifications for a reference to a need for a bias voltage.

Will I be able to minitor the audio in my headphones while I am recording?

No, due to the way that the headphone jacks in smartphones are designed. Audio jacks do not by default route your voice back through the headphones, which is why you do not hear your voice when talking on a standard headset. Rockit can only work with the audio signals that phone provide.

Does it work with phones that don't have audio jacks?

Yes, Rockit works great with the headphone-to-lightning or headphone-to-USB cable that the manufacturer provided with your phone.

Can I use Rockit to record phone calls?

For recording phone calls—or other situations where you need to connect a full headset and also have a stereo audio out—please see our Wiretap splitter.