Gives 100% of Profits to Charity

Makers4Good started with the grand idea to take what Paul Newman's Own has done with food and replicate it with consumer products. We design, manufacture, and sell products, and then we donate 100% of the profits to charitable organizations.

Our first product is a solar light and powerbank designed by a team of experts in diverse fields. It is launching on kickstarter on or around August 29th, and we hope you will share our message and support us if you are able.

HELIO is an ultra-efficient solar lantern, flashlight, and power bank that keeps you going through all your adventures. It can charge your smartphone, and it can brightly illuminate your entire nocturnal trek. In Infinite Mode, HELIO needs just one hour of solar charge per day in order to stay lit indefinitely. HELIO is an ideal companion on all your outings.

While HELIO was being developed over the last two years,, our nonprofit arm, has been working with the nonprofit partners that HELIO will support, in addition to other nonprofit partners.

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