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Backbeater®️ is the world's most advanced drum metronome.

Backbeater®️ combines our brand new drum sensor design with apps for iOS and Android to help drummers monitor their tempo. Our all-new sensor design connects right to your snare drum and shows the tempo of your playing (in BPM) right on the large display of your smartphone or tablet.

BEFORE you order: Please download the Backbeater app from your app store to make sure it works with your device. It is FREE and it will respond to tapping on the screen of your device.

Backbeater®️ Standard includes:

  • the drum tempo sensor
  • the Wiretap Splitter
  • (free) app download for your iOS or Android device

Backbeater®️ Deluxe also includes:

  • hardware for mounting your phone on your hi-hat stand

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Makers4Good understands that cultivating, encouraging, and embracing opportunities that foster the advancement and diversification of music and people is vital to our world.

To learn about the important projects accomplished by our caring nonprofit partners, and funded through your Backbeater purchase, click HERE.