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Need a mount for your smartphone? Check out Backbeater Deluxe.

FREE app for iOS now available! Android app coming before Thanksgiving.

Backbeater®️ includes:

  • the drum tempo sensor;
  • the Wiretap Splitter;
  • (free) app download for your iOS device.

Backbeater is an easy-to-use tempo monitoring system for percussionists. 

  • Adjustable tempo averaging windows
  • Shows how much your last strike varied from your average tempo
  • Built-in metronome
  • Time signature adjustment
  • Screen-tap tempo read-out (for discreet feedback)
  • Improved sensitivity adjustment, to select for playing dynamics

The Backbeater Sensor is secured under your drum's tensioning rod, and connects to your mobile device.

Makers4Good | UPC: 804551334207


Makers4Good understands that cultivating, encouraging, and embracing opportunities that foster the advancement and diversification of music and people is vital to our world.

To learn about the important projects accomplished by our caring nonprofit partners, and funded through your Backbeater purchase, click HERE.

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