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Share your phone's audio.
Add a headphone jack. Keep your headset mic.

Wiretap gives your phone an extra audio output

Wiretap is a highly durable and compact audio splitter designed to help get the most out of your phone's audio jack. It gives you two connectors in the place of one: a regular headphone jack, and a mic / headphone combo jack — just like the one in your phone. Wiretap helps you share music with a friend, or connect your phone's output to an external device...without losing access to your headset's mic.

What is Wiretap?

Wiretap is audio splitter that provides solid connectivity while meeting a number of unique signal-routing needs. Wiretap provides a full combo (mic + headphones) jack while preserving a second headphone connector, making it great for using an XBox headset with a speaker system, or for attaching accessories and headphones to a smartphone simultaneously.

Why do I need it?

Wiretap conveniently provides mutiple-functioning, high-quality signal routing for additional connections to the device your are using. Increase productivity, multitask, and share music, movies, phone call, chats, and gaming with others.

Will it work with my device?

Wiretap works with standard 1/8" headphone jacks and plugs.Wiretap works with standard 1/8" headphone jacks and plugs

Wiretap is based on standard 3.5mm (that's 1/8", for our American customers) audio plugs and jacks. If you are plugging into a device that has a standard headphone jack, you're good to go. Its inputs are based on that same standard: one is designed to accept a TRRS plug, and the other a TRS plug.

Wiretap can still be used with newer devices without headphone jacks, using a Lightning-to-audio (for Apple devices) or USB-C-to-audio (for Android devices) adapter, including those provided with devices by the manufacturers.

Which splitter is best for your use?Which splitter is best for your use?

Reviews & Press Coverage

Works with square card reader and headset for voiceover accessibility to accept credit cards for my small business. Awesome solution. I am blind and use this adaptor with the apple ear buds and square card reader and an extender for the headphone jack to be able to accessibly accept and run my own credit cards. This works well.

Amazon Review

This works perfectly and I love that one side supports a mic while the other only outputs audio.

Amazon Review

Used with my game capture off the xbox one chat adapter! Works like a dream!

Amazon Review

I am thankful that I found this product. It works great.

Amazon Review


Technical Specifictions

  • Female connectors:
    • 3.5mm "combo jack" (accepts TRRS plugs with both mic and headphone connectors)
    • 3.5mm TRS stereo headphone jack
  • Male connector: 3.5mm TRRS plug
  • Weight: ~ 14 grams
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 44mm
    • Width: 28mm
    • Thickness: 11mm

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Wiretap be used to record phone calls?

Yes, Wiretap may be used as part of a larger chain of devices in recording telephone calls. The mic jack will allow you to connect a headset in order to hear and speak to your caller, and the second jack will allow you to route the caller's audio to a recording device. Note that you will not be able to hear your own voice on the recording without further audio signal routing in place; see the next FAQ question for details.

Also please note that recording phone calls without consent from both parties is illegal in many jurisdictions. Makers4Good suggests that you obtain consent from all relevant parties before you record telephone conversations.

Will my voice be routed through the other headphone jack when I am recording calls?

No, due to the way that the headphone jacks in smartphones are designed. Audio jacks do not by default route your voice back through the headphones, which is why you do not hear your voice when talking on a standard headset. Wiretap can only work with the audio signals that phone provide. You will need to record your own voice using a separate mic attached to your recording device.

Makers4Good recommends this approach anyway, as it allows you to mix and EQ your voice and your caller's voice separately, resulting in a far better recording.

Does it work with phones that don't have audio jacks?

Yes, Wiretap works great with the headphone-to-lightning or headphone-to-USB cable that the manufacturer provided with your phone.

Can I use Wiretap to connect a lavalier or other mono microphone?

For connecting standalone mono microphones for recording on your smartphone, please see our Rockit splitter.