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Power on tap.
Tap into the power of your DeWalt battery.

PoweriSite lets you charge mobile devices with compatible DeWalt battery packs

PoweriSite is a small dual-USB device charger that fits onto the battery packs you use with your DeWalt power tools. You can use the juice in the DeWalt battery to recharge your phone or tablet. It's a huge amount of juice, and it's available anywhere! With the ability to charge both smartphones and tablets several times over, PoweriSite is ideal for powering your digital life at the jobsite or at the campsite.

What is PoweriSite?

PoweriSite is a high-performance dual-USB charger that uses your high-capacity DeWalt battery to charge any USB device. Simply attach the PoweriSite charger to any compatible power tool battery and charge or power your USB device.

Your DeWalt 18v battery will charge an iPhone XS more than three times with PoweriSite.Your DeWalt 18v battery will charge an iPhone XS more than three times with PoweriSite.

How does it work?

PoweriSite uses the available voltage in your power tool battery to make 5vdc USB power.  A high capacity power tool battery has 8 times the capacity of your iPhone 4 battery. This charger has full 3.1amps of power, so there's a lot of energy to charge your power hungry iPad too.

Why do I need it?

PoweriSite will keep your USB devices going far away from home. Take it when camping to charge your phone, or flashlight. Your stuff will also charge fast with plenty of power (3.1amps total). That's enough to charge an iPhone and iPad at the same time.

Reviews & Press Coverage

What a cool product. Works just as advertised. Every time I pull it out of my tool bag I get envious looks and comments. It will be a sad day when someone finally steals it from me.

Amazon Review

Thank you for an excellent product - Works great!

Kickstarter Backer

Expectations more than met! Great product. Have told all my contractor buddies about the PoweriSite who now plan on buying more than one, which was my only mistake.

Amazon Review

I purchased 2 PoweriSites and they work great! Thanks for the neat product!!!

Kickstarter Backer

Love it!! Especially during [a] hurricane.

Amazon Review


Technical Specifications

  • USB-A charging ports:
    • 1A - 1x
    • 2.1A - 1x
  • Works with post-style DeWalt batteries

PoweriSite is compatible with all DeWalt batteries which have the upright post-style connector.PoweriSite is compatible with all DeWalt batteries which have the upright post-style connector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are both USB ports the same?

Each port has been designed to support different devices for maximum compatibility. The top port is used to charge iPhones & other mobile phones. The lower port is a higher-capacity 2.1A port which can charge an iPad or other tablet reasonably quickly.

Do you make a version for Makita's (or some other manufacturer's) abtteries?

PoweriSite is just for DeWalt batteries for now, and we have no immediate plans to expand to other types of batteries. Who know what the future holds?