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Philanthropy: Luxi


Makers4Good believes in the power of photography which is why the driving force behind our Luxi For All product is to make that power easy-to-use, affordable, and accessible to everyone.


When it came time to turn profits into social good, we turned to 100cameras. This wonderful nonprofit’s mission is to provide children with the tools to express themselves through photography and to interact with their environment, allowing them to change the world around them, and to improve the lives of people in their communities.

The Pablove Foundation

The Pablove Foundation is all about fighting childhood cancer, and it's hard to think of a more worthwhile mission. Their Shutterbugs program helps kids with cancer develop a voice through photography, and guides them to tell their stories through photography. Makers4Good is proud to help support the Pablove Foundation and their incredible work to "fight cancer with love." It’s a picture-perfect partnership!

We love what nonprofits like 100cameras and the Pablove Foundation are accomplishing: empowering children around the world. That is why Makers4Good donates 100% of all proceeds from our Luxi line of products to charities like these.

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